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Volunteers Roles and Perks

The DC Container is a fundraiser run by volunteers

No one gets paid for working on the crew or organizing the project, but there are various perks and fringe benefits

What various volunteers do for the project:

- make sure the containers happen

- create, edit, and manage the website

- organize and schedule and fluff other volunteers

- maintain bookkeeping records

- coordinate with trucking companies and Burning Man

- locate and facilitate a location for east coast load-in and load-out

- answer questions on Facebook, via email, and in person

- keep the delivery on schedule as much as possible

- keep the prices reasonable while dealing with rail increases, driver shortages, and higher fuel prices as the transportation landscape changes through the years

- facilitate discount shipping to various types of art projects 

- safely deliver your survival gear, glamping essentials, and various luggage to the playa each year

- pack the trucks methodically to ensure the safety of all items

- build shelving units so transported items can be found quickly and easily

- assist other Burners with their bins and ensure all items are properly labeled

- remove bike pedals, turn handlebars, supervise load in of bikes for transport

Volunteer perks and benefits:

- be a part of a great team of volunteers

- earn reduced price or free space on the container

- be a part of the conversation for how container proceeds are divvied out among art and other projects ​

- provided snacks, drinks, and proper tools, gloves, etc to make the process easier.

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