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Bike Rental Information

In 2018, the DC Container project purchased 20 new bikes that are stored in Nevada in order to reduce the number of bikes being shipped on the containers each year. This cuts down costs for burners, makes loading the trucks easier, and leaves more space for personal items and art to go out on the trucks. 

The bikes that were purchased are single speed, beach cruisers in various colors with 26" wheels. They were $169.99 each and with taxes and shipping fees came out to $199.20 each. The total purchase was $3,984.04.

These bikes will be deMOOPed, assembled, and brought to the playa for rental. 

The rental fee for these bikes will be $80 each with a $120 deposit, to be returned via cash or PayPal after the bike has been turned back in at the end of the event. 

There may also be some used bikes available for rental for $60 with the same $120 deposit for each bike. The rental fees will cover the costs of purchase, repair, storage, and transportation to the playa. 

We encourage renters to BRING THEIR OWN bike locks, decorations, lights, etc with them to make their bikes look unique. We may have extra locks available on the playa, but please do not count on that. Your rented bike is your responsibility and if it goes missing on the playa, we will have lost money, we will have fewer bikes for other burners in the coming years, and will contribute to the number of bikes left on playa each year for others to clean up. We understand that sometimes, bikes are stolen on the playa, but more often than not, bikes that are locked, are rarely stolen. Please lock your bike every time, even if you will only be in the porta potty for 30 seconds, it's a sad reality, but bikes disappear. 

If you are interested in renting a bike this year, please e-mail for more information. We have a limited number of bikes available and there is currently no room in our storage unit to purchase more. 

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