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Additional Pricing Information and Guidelines

The DC Container is a volunteer only program. No one gets paid or puts money into their pocket from the project except for the shipping company, credit card processing company, and Eventbrite (our ticket processing system). After expenses for shipping, infrastructure, and overhead costs, all of the remaining funds from the DC Container project are allocated to Home Rule Village and assist in supporting the art that they bring to Black Rock City each year. 

For transparency's sake, we want everyone to understand that volunteers and the volunteer organizers that run the project often receive a discount or free space on the container for the hours they spend helping make the container happen. They are not being paid, but they are receiving a financial benefit for all of the hours of labor they put in (and for some people, that is over a hundred hours per year). In addition to this, the container project strives to make the shipping costs for art projects as low as possible. We have a different pricing structure, and the container project actually loses money for every square foot when we offer an art discount. Some projects may even receive free shipping or a refund of their art space costs if the container sells enough space to make that plausible. Note: if the DC Container doesn't sell all or enough space, the village and volunteers that do the financial work still have to pay for the container shipping, infrastructure, website, and other overhead costs out of pocket. In the many years the project has been running, there were multiple years that we didn't break even, and had to cover the costs through other means with a financial burden upon the organizers and host camps. The success of the project in recent years has helped make the gift-a-burn program, art discounts, inexpensive bike rentals, the Home Rule Village Tower, The Sky Bar, and other projects possible and financially feasible. We encourage everyone using the DC Container Truck to communicate their needs and financial situations to us so that we can provide the best service possible. 


We have standardized our costs across the board to ensure we aren't playing favorites when it comes to which projects receive funding assistance and discounts. For your information, we are providing the fee information below for those who are curious as to how much projects generally expect to pay. Please keep in mind, we (the volunteers) also do what we can to match up projects and people that only require one-way shipping solutions. 

Regular Shipping
   - $75 per bin

   - $12 per cubic foot

   - $128 per bike (as seen on the Eventbrite sales page)

Bulk Shipping: For theme camp infrastructure etc. that can be loaded at the same time on the same day (generally does not use shelving units, commits to loading and unloading at specific times, and places an order for more than $1,000 worth of space)
   - $63 per bin

   - $10.50 per cubic foot

   - $128 per bike (no bike discount)

Art Shipping: for art projects (including tools and construction materials), but not for camp lights, fire pits, air conditioning units, camp decorations, yurts or domes (unless they only house an art installation), kitchen infrastructure, pillows etc. (some exceptions are made for furniture, shade structures, and other items that are specifically  going to Black Rock City with the intention to be a gift for all participants). 

   - $48 per bin

   - $8 per cubic foot

   - $128 per bike (no discounts on bike space unless it is specifically a vehicle whose only purpose is to be gifted art)

Note: some art projects receive small amounts of free shipping space, as donations come in through the Eventbrite system, those donations are passed on directly to art projects, they actually get more than a bin's worth of space, we take that $75 and give them an at-cost rate for that space, so only the art projects benefit from those donations, the Container project does not take a cut). 

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