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CRITICAL Shipping Information




  1. HAVE THE FULL, REAL NAME of your bin reservation (not a Playa name). You do not need to print out a copy of the receipt, as check-in will be handled electronically. If you purchased extra space from another burner, please make sure you know the name the order was purchased under, 

  2. USE THESE BINS (where possible): Home Depot or Lowes. Bins will be stacked, walked on, and jostled!  NO cardboard or brittle plastic containers!  If your items do not fit in these bins, purchase cubic space for those items, and make sure they are packed securely. If you have large or odd-shaped packages that cannot stack, please contact us in advance.  

  3. SECURE AND CLOSE YOUR BINS/OTHER STUFF.  We recommend VELCRO zip ties or similar securing materials. Regular zip ties create MOOP, so they are not recommended. Items cannot be guaranteed to be secured during transit. Items cannot be marked fragile (or feel free to mark them, but expect it to be ignored, we will not be looking for your markings if we have to move items around). Carpets must be rolled and bound. PVC piping or conduit must be taped together in groups so they do not roll and scatter.  

  4. LABEL ALL FOUR SIDES (NOT JUST THE LIDS!) of your bins or cubic space items with the following:

    • First and Last Name or Playa Name (Example: Jennifer Richter/Preamble)

    • Camp Info and Location (Example: 3SP, 4:45 and D)

    • Phone Number or Email (Example: 202-123-1234) - Note: please understand that items get moved around for the best fit. If you forget something on the way back, and it has your e-mail address and no phone number, we may not be able to contact you in time to get your stuff. 


Labels MUST BE legible. Print multiple copies of your label! Tape it on all four sides of your bins/items.  If you MUST, handwrite your info and cover with clear tape. Please avoid using a "permanent" marker on a piece of duct tape... writing on duct tape is the last resort, it almost always rubs off!  DECORATE YOUR BINS. SPRAY PAINT THEM!  PUT STICKERS ON THEM!  MAKE THEM UNIQUE SO YOU CAN FIND THEM IN A SEA OF BINS!  


  1. BIKES.  REMOVE BIKE PEDALS AND VELCRO/ZIP TIE THEM TO YOUR BIKE or put them in your bins. We are not responsible for lost pedals! If you absolutely cannot do this on your own, we will have volunteers on site to assist. You are responsible for ensuring your bike is loaded onto the container. DO NOT just drop off your bike and expect someone else to load it. Make sure a volunteer agrees to help you with your bike before you leave. We are not responsible if your bike does not get loaded.




  • We are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.

  • The containers will be on a train and in the sun for WEEKS.  They will get VERY hot during the cross-country trek. Any leaks or evaporation of combustible material could cause an explosion, destroying everyone's stuff.  A lot of people would really dislike you.


  • DO NOT PACK anything perishable or anything that you might need should there be any delay in the containers arriving on the playa (e.g., prescription medications). You may want to keep your goggles, dust mask, and head lamp with you and not in your bins SO THAT YOU CAN FIND YOUR BINS in a dark truck. 

  • DO NOT PACK drugs, guns, fireworks, illegal contraband, life forms. Your mistakes will jeopardize the entire container! If we catch you with anything suspicious, we will not ship your items!

  • DO NOT PACK gas, explosives, pressurized canisters or illegal substances of any kind.

  • NO GENERATORS unless they are brand new or have been completely dried out.  We will check gas cans/tanks. They won’t go unless they are empty and dry.

  • We reserve the right to open any container to remove unsafe items.

  • Your items must be packed in accordance with these guidelines or they will not be loaded.

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